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Rotametry s více trubicemi

FL-2AA Série

Rotametry s více trubicemi | FL-2AA Série

Rotametry s více trubicemi

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  • High Accuracy, ±2% FS
  • Variety of Flow Configurations
  • Interchangeable Flow Tubes
  • Scales Designed to Minimize Parallax and Eye Fatigue
  • Available with High Precision Valves
  • Panel Locking Nuts Included
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OMEGA’s Multi-tube Rotameters are convenient for applications where up to six streams of liquids or gases are to be metered in individual channels. Flow pattern B represents multiple inlets manifolded into one outlet (see diagram). To obtain one inlet split off into multiple outlets, flow pattern B can be turned upside down and the flow tubes inverted in the field. The rotameter end fittings can be supplied in aluminum or 316 SS. Precision metering valves with 16 turn non-rising stems are also available (consult Sales).

Repeatability: ±0.25% FS
Max. Pressure: 200 PSIG
Max. Temperature: 250°F
(180°F for water)
Connections: 1/8" FNPT
End Fittings: 9.813" H, 2.25" (2 tube),
3.25" (3 tube), 4.25" (4 tube) W. See
diagram, page B-31 for depth.

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